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  • Removal of rubbish (See Resolutions) (Resolution 20/06/2019)
    Transport and Final Disposal of Organic Garbage (assimilated to domiciliary) and Inorganic Garbage (Remains of Stowage and Trinca Materials) and its Certification of Final Disposal by incineration or in duly authorized landfills.
    (Incinerator Health Resolution) (SAG Incinerator Resolution)
  • Cutting, welding & insert of steel plates.
  • Marine workshop for recovery of pumps, turbo units & piping.
  • Cleaning of Cargo Holds with high pressure equipments.
  • Marine Electric Workshop for A/C & D/C motor rewinding & generators.
  • Supply of Cleaning Gangs / Fitters for Engine & Deck Dept. as Master’s or C/Eng. instructions.
  • Underwater inspections on request with CCTV circuit.
  • Life Rafts Inspection.
  • Steel plates thickness measurement with ultrasound.
  • Repair of marine boilers.
  • Hull inspections.


  • Acetylene
  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • Nitrogen
  • Welding gases
  • Refrigeration gases
  • Marine Chemicals.
  • Limpieza de Cubierta
  • Limpieza de Maquinas

DISMAR - Maritime Services. Puerto de Talcahuano, VIII Región. Chile